The core of any business is building relationships. With your customers, colleagues, units, partners, suppliers – it all boils down to having successful working relationships. And building these, as we all know, is not always easy.

Why is it easier to relate to some people, and more difficult to relate to others? Why are your friends your friends, and your enemies your enemies? The answer is simple: understanding. If we understand people, if we can tune into their wavelengths, it is easy for us to build successful relationships with them. Conversely, if we do not understand them on one or more levels – linguistic, ideological, cultural or otherwise – it will be extremely difficult for us to build successful, sustainable relationships.

The ability to understand other parties is paramount to building beneficial relationships.

The unique beauty of drama training is that it pushes all participants outside of their comfort zone by asking them to actively understand different points of view. Games, role play, improv and script work all open new doors of understanding by asking the actors to move their perspectives and gain a wider understanding of the context in which they function.

Entrust your team with our theatre professionals and let’s develop a workshop that will truly help your team open up their untapped potential.

Teach the teachers


In late March 2018, TRY theatre’s Ivan Verunica and world renowed coreographer Kane Husbands held free two-hour seminars in Rijeka and Ljubljana, with the goal of emphasizing the importance of drama and theatre techniques in modern day teaching.

Through several exercices and with the help of a couple of local students, Ivan and Kane pointed out different methods of approaching day-to-day situations in classes with adolescents. The workshops have been extremely well recieved and the teachers were very open and enthusiastic to the idea of incorporating drama and theatre into their own classes and teaching philosophy.

We are currently working on a small booklet that will explain several methods and exercises proven to work well in interaction with adolescents. If you want to recieve a copy of the booklet, please email us at

Booklets will be free of charge and we are trying to find a spot to hold one more seminar in the nearast future.