Foreign universities, especially ones in UK and USA, mainly look for two things in new students: fluency in English and confidence presenting ideas. Unfortunately, the Croatian school system develops neither.

By joining TRY theatre and participating in its programme, the following students have managed to “liberate” their English and their ideas and today play a prominent and successful role in established Western universities.

University of Glasgow, Scotland

University of Southampton, UK


University of Warwick, UK



Having been a member of the Rijeka Youth Theatre from its beginning, I can surely say that it is an incredibly exciting and unique place where young people come to learn, explore, develop and grow, both as performers and as individuals.

Through numerous performances, rehearsals, and workshops, TRY Theatre has given me the opportunity to learn and grow - from acquiring the basics of the trade to perfecting my English and, finally, gaining important transferable skills. 

As a social place built around people with similar interests and goals, TRY provided a platform for sharing thoughts and ideas, giving and receiving a lot of constructive feedback, and encouraging fellow classmates while working in a fun and supportive environment. I can now say it equipped me with the practical and personal skills necessary to face and overcome the challenges of everyday life. Above all, it taught me that it is possible to produce a piece of theatrical magic basically anywhere, it just takes a little willingness and commitment.

I will be graduating from the University of Glasgow in June with a degree in Music and Theatre Studies and I am hoping to pursue a Master’s in Theatre and Performance Practices. Throughout the course of my degree, I strived to get involved with like-minded people, create, put on performances, and keep the creative juices flowing. I am currently directing a 17th century English opera, Venus and Adonis, which is set to be performed in the city centre of Glasgow and at the Glasgow West End Festival.

Although I am now far from Rijeka, I am still deeply attached to this ever-growing theatre community, always eagerly awaiting to see new productions and witness young people flourish.


I first started going to TRY when I was 13 years old. This was a time when I felt pretty socially awkward, but TRY workshops had a very comfortable atmosphere, so I felt like I fit right in. I had a lot of good fun with good people, and the experience helped me become more confident. This feeling persisted through the years, which is why it was hard to quit after finishing high school. After TRY, feeling more comfortable with my social and English language skills, I applied to the University of Southampton in the UK to study Criminology and Psychology, and I just finished my second year there. Overall, the experience greatly enriched my teenage years, and even though I did not continue acting, I count being in TRY as one of the best parts of my life.


My TRY theatre experience started at the beginning of the 3rd year in high school. As soon as I started going on acting lessons, TRY became my favorite activity.

Every workshop was a new opportunity to improve my English, to be a part of an amazing acting school and to associate with smart and ambitious young people. The "Without Hamlet" play will always stay in my memory. I would say that preparations for the play and happiness after the premiere are one of the highlights of my TRY experience. Also, summer school performances in Opatija were wonderful.

I would also like to mention how TRY helped me with my confidence in England, and Sierra and Ivan both gave me a lot of advice when applying for a UK college. The two of them have created an acting school, but also a safe and beautiful place where you can always ask for advice and feel welcome.

After graduating from Film Studies at the University of Warwick 2 years ago, I'm currently living in London. After several internships, out of which my favorite was in Number 9 Films (that made movies like "Carol" and "Thier Finest"), I got a job at Center Screen. I was there for a year and worked on various audio-visual projects for museums and exhibitions around the world. My biggest project was an interactive show that is now open in Bristol and is called "Being Brunel" and is about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was a well-known English engineer. Also a great and entertaining project is the exhibition and the various multimedia installations on the robots and the future with artificial intelligence that will open in the newly built museum of science in Kuwait.

I'm currently working in a company that produces trailers for movies, and I love my young and fun team with whom the fun never stops.

In the near future I hope to work on wild-life documentaries and plan a trip to South America. Let's see what happens! 🙂

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