Juniors Day, May 2018

TRY theatre’s annual Juniors Day took place past Sunday, and HKD was filled with laughter as our youngest members performed their play ‘The Voice Thief’ and skits ‘Hello, Hello’, ‘Parachute’, ‘A Day in Life of a Kid’, ‘Jumping Problem’ and ‘Graveyard Zombie’ in front of friends, family, and very proud mentors.

Krešo Golik day in Fužine, May 2018

Krešo Golik day in Fužine, May 2018   In mid May, TRY theatre was invited to participate in Krešo Golik Day at Ivanka Trohar elementary school – a celebration that took place for the 14th year in a row! Krešo Golik was a film and television director and screenwriter. During his career of over 40 years, Golik directed a number … Read More

Resistance & V for Verona, May 2018

Resistance & V for Verona, May 2018   Resistance and V for Verona – two plays by our Elementary and Middle school groups premiered on 12th of May! Resistance served as a perfect overture into the night of theatre. The play takes place in the Nazi occupation period and portrays both Nazi soliders and members of the resistance through a … Read More

Your Play, April 2018

Your Play, April 2018   4 very successful nights of performing Your Play are behind us, and we hope these photos can transfer at least a bit of the amazing energy that filled Filodrammatica over the past few days. Distributed into six scenes – Freedom, Politics, Family, Money, Stuff, and Departure – this theatre of the absurd piece covers many … Read More

Teach the Teachers Workshop, March 2018

Teach the teachers Workshop, March 2018   In late March 2018, TRY theatre’s Ivan Verunica and world renowed coreographer Kane Husbands held free two-hour seminars in Rijeka and Ljubljana, with the goal of emphasizing the importance of drama and theatre techniques in modern day teaching. Through several exercices and with the help of a couple of local students, Ivan and Kane pointed out different methods of approaching … Read More

YTID Youth, Theatre & Intercultural Dialogue in Serbia, October 2015


YTID Youth, Theatre & Intercultural Dialogue in Serbia, October 2015   From 24th September – 1st October 2015 a group of TRY students and teachers attended an an intense 8 day workshops focused on Youth, Theatre and Intercultural Dialogue in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. Organized by REACH organization (Regional Endeavor for Art, Culture and Health), the group consisted of 24 participants (theatre workers, youth … Read More

Art and Creativity for Intercultural Dialogue in Barcelona, September 2015


Art and Creativity for Intercultural Dialogue in Barcelona, September 2015   In early September 2015 a delegation of TRYers led by Natali Bosić took part in a two-week youth exchange in Llinars del Valles, Barcelona. The project, called ACID (Art and Creativity for Intercultural Dialogue), was organized by the Catalan branch of the International Network for Culture and Arts (INCA) … Read More

The View from the Tips of the Toes, HNK Ivana pl Zajca, Spring 2015

The View from the Tips of the Toes, HNK Ivana pl Zajca, Spring 2015   June 16th 2015 was in many ways a historic date for TRY theatre. The first major collaboration (with the Rijeka School of Ballet and Dance and I.M. Ronjgov Music School) opened and, what is more, it opened at the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka! Two nights … Read More

V for Verona, Spring 2015


V for Verona, Spring 2015   For never was there a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo. And thus William Shakespeare concluded his famed tragedy. Little did he know, the poor chap, that 400 years later TRY theatre would have a go at his piece and make it, well, less woeful. Based on Shakespeare’s original and … Read More

JUNK, Spring 2015

JUNK, Spring 2015   “Junk” is a project that will go down in history as TRY theatre’s first movie. Thanks to the brilliant and meticulous work of the director, Nina Sabo, the older high school group managed to put together a full scale, 1 hour and 30 minutes long movie in just a couple of months. The story focuses around … Read More