TRY theatre at The Fringe Festival, May 2019

With our Prague adventure coming to an end, the only thing left to do is to say thank you to Prague Fringe for amazing hospitality and Prague Youth Theatre for a great collaboration! And of course, huge congratulations to Meho, Mava, JTC, Kosta, Jakov, Vale, Rana & Enea for representing TRY theatre at The Fringe Festival! <3

Dobra Villa Demokracije & The Adventures of Odi Sejkovich, May 2019

Last week our young thespians presented TRY theatre’s first play performed mostly in Croatian. Dobra Villa Demokracije received amazing reviews and was a great, satirical and funny intro into the night of theatre. The play was followed by The Adventures of Odi Sejkovich – a tragicomical piece focusing on the issue of migration from the perspective of our own youth. Big congratulations to our High school group that delivered 4 impeccable performances and transferred incredible energy to the audience. The last TRY theatre performance for this season is behind us, and it left us already excited for what’s to come this fall!

The Six Sisters 2.0, May 2019

The Six Sisters – a play by Ivan Verunica performed by TRY theatre’s High school/College group premiered this week in the unique ambiance of Export drvo. Big congratulations to our young thespians for delivering 4 incredible and emotional performances that left no one indifferent, and thank you to everyone who came to see the play! <3 Photos: Kristijan Vučković

The 5 Clocks, March 2019

‘Once upon a time, in a gloomy castle on a lonely hill, there were 5 clocks that wouldn’t go!’

The 5 Clocks – a whimsical story based on James Thurber’s ‘The 13 Clocks’ was re-told by TRY theatre’s Middle School group!

The adventurous tale of courage, evil and magic filled Filodrammatica with whimsical characters like the evil, cold-hearted Duke that stopped time and a brave Princess that saved a Prince in distress!

Open doors day at TRY theatre, January 2019

Last week was an eventful one in TRY theatre! TRY parents and grandparents had an opportunity to take part in one of our classes, together with our youngest members. Everyone bravely took the stage and there was no shortage of laughter! We were also visited by Every house has a door theatre representatives, who were interested to meet our young actors and
consider them for future projects! Check out the cheerful atmosphere from the classes in the gallery below.

YES Theatre Camp 2018, July 2018

Long anticipated 3rd edition of YES Theatre Camp is behind us and it was everything we expected and more! Set in the idyllic surroundings of Sv. Martin on Mura and filled with laughter, games and acting, the week flew by so quickly! The plans for next year’s YES Camp are already in the making, and until then enjoy the gallery of this year’s Camp! Special thanks to the teachers Ivan Verunica (TRY Theatre), Adam Stewart (Prague Youth Theatre) and Urša S.B. (Pionirski dom – Center za kulturo mladih)!

Fotka za kraj i školo bye bye – TRY in ZTC, June 2018

Fotka za kraj i školo bye bye is an annual celebration of the end of the school year that takes
place in ZTC mall! This year TRYers had the opportunity to take the stage and be the presenters
of the event. They not only presented all the acts but also performed a part of their play
Balloons! The energy was amazing and it was great to see so many talented kids in one place!
Thank you for having us <3 !

The Last Class, June 2018

Our last class of the school year was celebrated in true TRY theatre fashion : with lots of energy,
laughter, different games and of course performances! Thank you to everyone for all the support
during this year, we cannot wait to see you again in September! <3

Juniors Day, May 2018

TRY theatre’s annual Juniors Day took place past Sunday, and HKD was filled with laughter as our youngest members performed their play ‘The Voice Thief’ and skits ‘Hello, Hello’, ‘Parachute’, ‘A Day in Life of a Kid’, ‘Jumping Problem’ and ‘Graveyard Zombie’ in front of friends, family, and very proud mentors.