Balloons, April 2018

Balloons, April 2018

In April, TRY Theatre had the opportunity to perform our play ‘Balloons’ by Ivan Verunica at the Festival gledaliških sanj in Ljubljana. It was the 16th edition of the Festival that gathered 47 elementary school theatre groups from three countries, performing in Slovenian, English and Hungarian. Over the course of two weeks, 8000 audience members saw 45 different plays, with over 700 participants!

TRY theatre’s middle school group did an amazing job performing ‘Balloons’! The Festival’s jury described the performance as great, with very strong English and a truly pertinent script.

You can see a part of the Festival’s atmosphere in our gallery.

Special congratulations go to one of our actresses that impressed the jury with her convincing performance. Ana Ipšić was chosen to receive the Promising Actress Award for her role as The Guard. The jury chose 15 most promising actors among all 700 participants, and their decision to choose Ana was unanimous, because of her energy, focus and approach to the role. One more proof that acting is not about the amount of text your character has, but about the energy you put into it!

As a reward, Ana will be participating in a three-day workshop led by acting pedagogue Urša Strehar in Ljubljana!

Once again – congratulations to all of our actors, and we’re already excited for the next acting festival!